Hi, my name is Katrina, and this is my journey with breast cancer.

This blog is about my journey and how I navigate my way through my diagnosis and treatment, along with the changes I make to my life regarding health, wellbeing and appreciation. I will also be posting advice on how to check yourself for early signs of this disease which really is the main purpose of documenting my experiences and journey. It's so so important to try to overcome the fear of finding a change in your body, by checking for it, as it really could make all the difference.

It's also a place, I'm hoping, for people who are going through a similar situation to relate to the feelings, thoughts, action plans and treatments that I'm experiencing. No-one should feel alone in this and if any of my posts help, then brill. The door swings both ways and if anyone wants to contact me to offer any advice, guidance or just a comment, they would be most welcome! I'm learning as I go along and am keen for your wisdom!

Please feel free to comment, offer advice and follow me on social media (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter) via the link icons at the bottom of each page; updates will be daily! Thank you and be well xxx