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Welcome to my blog, I hope you enjoy reading! The main aim is to try to remove some of the stigma attached to cancer and to raise awareness in an attempt to encourage you to give yourselves a check now and again. I'm also trying to promote health and wellbeing by doing this and give people peace of mind.

There is also information on support offered by various charities etc which I have found extremely helpful. Please contact me with any comments or queries, all are welcome! Instagram and Facebook links below :-) Happy health xxx

So, today has been a good day  :-)

After yesterday's 'Look Good Feel Better' beauty workshop, which had me and the other ladies taking part feel great, I had an acupuncture session. It was primarily to give my immune system a boost and to help with my recent and consistent lack of sleep. It was strange as I don't know much about it but thought I'd give it a go; the therapist had been highly recommended and I wanted to try it! I have to say I did have a deep sleep last night so long may that last!  

Other things I've been trying are lavender pillow sprays (thanks to my good buddy Emily), mixing lavender oil in with coconut oil which I use as a body lotion, plenty of fresh air, reading before lights out and trying my best not to let my head turn over too much when I'm trying to nod off...easier said than done when its going ten to the dozen!

I was also directed towards a fab resource by the lovely Gareth, by way of the Headspace app. There's an app for everything these days of course! It gives you a 10 minute session every day and is a really brilliant way of giving your head a bit of peace and unwinding so get onto it if you think it would help as it's a great resource :-)

It's amazing how sleep, or lack thereof, affects you and your daily life. On top of my body getting to grips with the hormone treatment, I couldn't sleep which was not only frustrating me and seriously pissing me off, but obviously had me knackered! So a better sleep last night was seriously appreciated.

I feel pretty rubbish every morning at the mo; nausea, headache and bit dizzy, but I've learned that it passes in an hr or so if I just chill and be patient...it's all about listening to your body and doing what it needs really as many of you know. Also the moment you wake up where you forget for a split second what's happening and then you remember...but that's not NEARLY as bad as it was a month or two ago thankfully. Once that's all passed, I get up and on with the day which I did today and have felt really good and I'm so thankful for that!

Another thing I wanted to add was in addition to my previous post about everyone's different cancer journeys. At yesterday's workshop, we were all women with different types of cancer at different stages of various treatments.

One thing I was very aware of was that we were all in it together and well, all the same really. It was such a support and one of the ladies I was chatting to who had just finished her chemo and radiotherapy offered me some advice and reassured me about what was to come. I mean, she'd just been through the mill and was reassuring me! I was humbled and just enjoyed being around these amazing, strong and kickass ladies! 

I also got the date for the start of my radiotherapy which is exactly a week from today. Nervous but glad to be getting it started so bring it on! Another step on the way to the all clear, positivity all the WAY :-) 

So yeah, today's been a good day :-) 

Unease of mind that comes following cancer diagnosis and even good news.

Unease of mind that comes following cancer diagnosis and even good news.

Suckiness of Cancer and how it's different for Everyone.