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Welcome to my blog, I hope you enjoy reading! The main aim is to try to remove some of the stigma attached to cancer and to raise awareness in an attempt to encourage you to give yourselves a check now and again. I'm also trying to promote health and wellbeing by doing this and give people peace of mind.

There is also information on support offered by various charities etc which I have found extremely helpful. Please contact me with any comments or queries, all are welcome! Instagram and Facebook links below :-) Happy health xxx

A Healthy Attitude to Food

A Healthy Attitude to Food

So this pic is of a fish pie that I just made for dinner! I just LOVE taking time to cook. It's therapeutic and I just enjoy having the kitchen to myself for a couple of hours pottering! Also I wanted to point out that for me, a healthy lifestyle doesn't mean I cut out hearty food like this...everything in that pot is fresh and will make me feel good for having eaten it :-)

There are so many fad 'diets' out there, most especially at this time of year and I think they're actually the most unhealthy things you can take on! They add stress, guilt and mental self flagellation into the mix of your life which I personally find unnecessary, but that is just my own opinion, no preaching here as I've previously said! :-) I have regularly been the person who was worrying about my jeans being a bit tighter now and again but things have changed for me now as basically, I'm happy to be here!

I've always tried to eat as healthily as I can and got out and about for exercise but indulged now and again when I feel so inclined as I love to eat! Exercise is another thing that is amazing for mental wellbeing and again, whatever it is that you're into whether it be walking, running, team sport, weights or yoga...whatever makes you feel good is the most important thing! As long as we look after our bodies and keep them healthy rather than feeling we have to look a certain way, then our minds will follow...it's liberating really! I'm just trying to love my body a bit more every day.

Since my diagnosis, my mindset has changed slightly with regards to any stress attached to eating although I am focusing more now on certain things to keep my body as healthy as I can...and I've had massive help from my good friend Rebecca @its_r2theb who is hugely active in the Body Positivity movement. Her daily snaps and posts on Facebook and Instagram @bopoireland are so encouraging and empowering and I would urge you all to have a look! I just want to put out the info so you can take what you will! Be well, enjoy life and celebrate your beautiful body! Happy Friday y'all!

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